The most unlikely pairing on Radio visit the airwaves every Saturday morning to entertain you, with silly quizzes & strange banter it’s the only way to start your weekend!!!!!

Described by one listener (Alan on Alliance Ave) as “ Full of belly laughs all the way through” it’s a must if you like your mornings early & silly !!!!!

Big G so called because he stands just short of 7ft tall is a Ambulance Technician , contacted the station for a company he was working for about advertising and fell in love with WHCR & pushed his way on to a reluctant “Mike Woodhouse” show on a Saturday. It soon becomes apparent to all at the station that Big G has got “the voice” and now out of training with Pete Mills  he has his own show to look forward too.

Mike Woodhouse who has been involved in radio at various stations across the region over the years, he won a “Best Newcomer” award by the HBA in 2005 and is WHCR’s longest serving member since 2006. Mike who also works on sales/advertising at WHCR said “I went to see Big G one day for advertising and he nattered the life out of me to come to the station” so Mike invited him to the station after 9 o clock one Saturday morning, Big G arrived at 7.30 half an hour into Mike’s Show !!!!

Mike said “I had no idea we would work so well together he is so funny and just what my show needed”

With silly quizzes like “Karaoke Club Classics” “How do you Like your eggs” & “Price Checker” the show moves at fast pace with some very good classic and cheesy morning music in-between.

These two don’t take anything serious – just like a weekend show should be !!!!!!!!!

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